I'm embarrassed to say that I bought this Blue Bouquet quilt pattern and fabric a very very long time ago. I think it was probably 9 years ago because I remember that it was originally going to be a wedding gift for my youngest son and daughter-in-law.


But I couldn't seem to find the time since I was still teaching full-time and then as the years went on I realized they probably wouldn't like it that much. I'm pretty sure they're not into blue and yellow.


I think it's lovely, though, so I'm finally making it up and I'll probably use it in our family room.


I've cut out all the pieces and I've finished sewing together at least half, if not a bit more, of the blocks.

Easy mitered napkins to sew

Today I started sewing my Christmas napkin gifts.

I found this really fun fabric from Fabricland that looks like a chalkboard!

Last week I finished this shirt dress pattern: McCall's M7472.

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Barb and I started sewing when I was a teenager -- over 40 years ago -- and I've recently gotten back into it after taking a bit of a break for the last few years.

I've sewn hundreds of blouses, dresses and pants, including my own wedding dress. It was beautiful and was full of chantilly lace! I actually didn't know anything about chantilly lace at the time, but I loved The Big Bopper song so that's what prompted me to used that particular lace.

I also made a gorgeous christening gown for my first baby and then made my two boys lots of jammer shorts. I'm pretty sure no one calls them that anymore.

At one point I sewed all my work clothes (I'm a teacher) and then gradually shifted over into quilts. I love making paper-pieced quilts!

I've made several little quilts for my two grandkids and a few pretty little dresses for my granddaughter, Ivy.

As part of my efforts to get back into sewing in a big way again, I decided to start this blog, mostly as a way for me to document my makes.

So thank you for joining me and may all your days be happy and filled with delicious sewing projects!


Last week I finished this shirt dress pattern: McCall's M7472.